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RFID Starter Kit | Arduino MEGA 2560, Ardublock

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0.35 KGS
  • RFID Starter Kit | Arduino MEGA 2560,  Ardublock
  • RFID Starter Kit | Arduino MEGA 2560,  Ardublock
  • RFID Starter Kit | Arduino MEGA 2560,  Ardublock
175.00 KM
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The guide book content as follows: 

About Arduino    
About Processing    
Getting Started with Ardublock    
Lesson 1 Blinking LED    
Lesson 2 Active Buzzer    
Lesson 3 Controlling an LED with a button    
Lesson 4 Relay Module    
Lesson 5 Serial Port    
Lesson 6 LED Flowing Lights    
Lesson 7 LED bar graph display    
Lesson 8 Breathing LED
Lesson 9 Controlling a RGB LED by PWM    
Lesson 10 Play the Music    
Lesson 11 LCD1602 display    
Lesson 12 A Simple Voltmeter    
Lesson 13 7-segment display    
Lesson 14 A simple counter    
Lesson 15 Controlling Servo motor    
Lesson 16 Using a thermistor to measure the temperature    
Lesson 17 IR Remoter Controller    
Lesson 18 DHT-11 Sensor Module    
Lesson 19 Ultrasonic distance sensor    
Lesson 20 4x4 matrix keyboard    
Lesson 21 Controlling DC motor    
Lesson 22 Joystick Module    
Lesson 23 Slide Potentiometer Module    
Lesson 24 8*8 LED Matrix Module    
Lesson 25 Photoresistor    
Lesson 26 Soil Moisture Sensor Module    
Lesson 27 Rotary Encoder    
Lesson 28 Control a relay with IR remoter controller    
Lesson 29 Control a RGB LED with IR remoter controller    
Lesson 30 RFID module    
Lesson 31 Control relay module with RFID module    
Lesson 32 RFID Identification System    
Lesson 33 Move a cat    
Lesson 34 Control the brightness of a photo with a photoresistor    
Lesson 35 Controlling the 3D Model by PS2 Joystick    
Lesson 36 Adeept ardublock blinking LED    
Lesson 37 Adeept ardublock active buzzer    
Lesson 38 Adeept ardublock controlling an LED with a button    
Lesson 39 Adeept ardublock relay module    
Lesson 40 Adeept ardublock serial port    
Lesson 41 Adeept ardublock LED flowing lights    
Lesson 42 Adeept ardublock slide potentiometer module     
Lesson 43 Adeept ardublock LED bar graph display    
Lesson 44 Adeept ardublock breathing LED    
Lesson 45 Adeept ardublock controlling a RGB LED by PWM    
Lesson 46 Adeept ardublock LCD1602 display    
Lesson 47 Adeept ardublock a simple voltmeter    
Lesson 48 Adeept ardublock 7-segment display    
Lesson 49 Adeept ardublock controlling servo motor    
Lesson 50 Adeept ardublock thermistor    
Lesson 51 Adeept ardublock ultrasonic distance sensor    
Lesson 52 Adeept ardublock joystick module    
Lesson 53 Adeept ardublock photoresistor    
Lesson 54 Adeept ardublock soil moisture sensor module    

Component List:

1x  Adeept 2560 Board(Arduino 2560)       
1x  RC522 RFID Module                   
1x  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module       
1x  Slide Potentiometer Module             
1x  Rotary Encoder Module
1x  Soil Moisture Sensor Module
1x  CM Module
1x  Servo                               
1x  Joystick Module                            
2x  IR Receiver HX1838                   
1x  8X8 LED Matrix Module                
1x  Remote Controller Module                    
1x  DHT-11 Sensor Module(Temperature and Humidity Sensor)      
1x  DC Motor                           
1x  L9110 Motor Driver                   
1x  Relay Module                        
1x  LCD1602 Module                      
1x  7-Segment Display                    
1x  Four-digit Segment Display             
1x  Active buzzer                        
1x  Passive buzzer                       
2x  Thermistor                          
2x  Photoresistance                      
1x  LED bar graph                        
1x  4*4 Matrix keyboard                               
2x  Switch                              
1x  RGB LED                            
8x  Red LED                            
4x  Green LED                          
4x  Yellow LED                          
4x  Blue LED                           
16x Resistor(220Ω)                       
10x Resistor(1 kΩ)                       
5x  Resistor(10 kΩ)                      
5x  Capacitor(104)                      
2x  Capacitor(10uF)                     
4x  Button(large)                       
4x  Button(small)                       
1x  Button cap(red)                     
1x  Button cap(white)
2x  Button cap(blue)
2x  NPN Transistor(8050)                 
2x  PNP Transistor(8550)                 
2x  Potentiometer(10KΩ)                 
2x  1N4148 Diode                       
2x  1N4001 Diode  
1x  9V Battery Clip                      
1x  Breadboard                         
1x  USB Cable                          
40x Male to Male Jumper Wires           
20x  Male to Female Jumper Wires         
20x  Female to Female Jumper Wires   
1x  2-Pin Female to Female Wires
2x  3-Pin Wires
1x  4-Pin Wires
2x  5-Pin Wires    
1x  Band Resistor Card 


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