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PiCar-A WiFi 3WD Smart Robot Car Kit

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  • PiCar-A WiFi 3WD Smart Robot Car Kit
  • PiCar-A WiFi 3WD Smart Robot Car Kit
  • PiCar-A WiFi 3WD Smart Robot Car Kit
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The PiCar-A is a smart robot car kit based on Raspberry Pi. Embedded & GUI programming and robotics, it is designed for beginners and professionals to learn electronics. We have written a detailed and illustrated manual with which you can quickly complete the assembly of the robot. 

You can remotely control the robot through the buttons on the keyboard or the virtual buttons on the GUI. It has the function of real-time video transmission, it can transfer the real-time images taken by the Raspberry Pi camera to a remote computer.

PiCar-A also has an ultrasonic-based automatic obstacle avoidance function. When it detects an obstacle ahead, it will avoid the obstacle to find the next path.


  • STEM Educational Robot - An entry-level WiFi wireless remote control smart robot based on Raspberry Pi(Compatible with RPi 3B/3B+/2B/2B+).
  • Easy to Assemble and Program - A 67-page PDF manual with illustrations is considerately prepared for you, which teaches you to assemble your Raspberry Pi robot step by step; Easy-to-understand Python code is used, with beautiful and practical GUI program(compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems).
  • Rich and Fun Features - Support real-time video transmission and ultrasonic-based automatic obstacle avoidance.
  • Strong Technical Support - Official forum, Blog, YouTube video and instant feedback with E-mails.
  • Raspberry Pi is NOT included. It is powered by 2x18650 batteries(NOT included). You need to prepare your own batteries.

YouTube Video:

Download Tutorials:

Package List:
1 Set Acrylic Plates
1x Adeept Motor HAT
1x Raspberry Pi Camera(with Cable)
1x Ultrasonic Module
2x Servo
2x Gear Motor
1x Universal Wheel
2x Rubber Wheel Kit
2x Motor Holder Set
1x Battery Holder
1x Cross Socket Wrench
1x Cross Screwdriver
1x Large Cross-head Screwdriver
1x Winding Pipe
1x 4-Pin Wires
6x M2 Nut
7x M3 Nut
6x M2*10 Screw
8x M2.5*8 Screw
18x M3*8 Screw
5x M3*12 Screw
2x M3*10 Countersunk Head Screw
4x M1.4*6 Self-tapping Screw
4x M2.5*6+6 Copper Standoff
4x M2.5*14 Copper Standoff
4x M3*12 Copper Standoff
2x M3*18 Copper Standoff
3x M3*24 Copper Standoff

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