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What Does Every Module Include?


  • TOOLBOX: All the materials to build several guided experiments and projects per module for a class with up to 24 students.

  • ONLINE PLATFORM: Access to the Arduino Education Learning Management System with step-by-step instructions and lessons for 24 students and 3 teachers.

  • PREMIUM TRAINING AND SUPPORT: Online welcome training webinar with an Arduino Education expert, training video lessons explaining concepts that the educators will use with the students, extra knowledge video pills which expands the content of the lesson plans and a support email to get the assistance of an education expert.


With the Core Module you will go through the foundations of CTC and build 8 exciting projects based on teamwork and learning by doing activities.  


CTC GO! - Core Module Toolbox


  • 8 Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2 boards: It's basically an Arduino Uno Rev3 with more kick, as it adds and an onboard IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and WiFi connection for instance. They are programmable, able to read inputs (e.g., light on a sensor) and capable to control outputs (e.g., activating a motor).
  • 8 Arduino Education shields: Add-on boards that connect to the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2 and more Arduino boards to extend their functionality. The Education Shield is a custom-made shield designed by Arduino Education specially tailored for educational purposes to enable quick and easy learning while building projects.
  • Two different sizes of breadboards for each board: Used to make circuits easier to build. They can be either attached on top of the Education Shield or used separately to connect other components.
  • Set of electronic components: Used to create interactive electronic circuits, including resistors, LEDs, push buttons and piezos.
  • Set of sensors: Including potentiomenters, light and ultrasonic sensors.
  • Set of batteries: With eight 9V batteries and two battery connectors for each of them.
  • Media and storage: The Education Shield features an SD card reader and an audio connector.
  • Set of cables: Includes all kind of jumper wires needed and USB cables.
  • Assembly pieces: Include all the modular building pieces needed in order to build 8 different guided projects.
  • Student group boxes: Each students group will have a components box with everything they need to work on the experimental lessons.
  • Additional components: The kit adds two boxes with some extra components to be used on the projects and replace the already included on the student group boxes if needed.

    Online Platform


    Each CTC GO! module purchase includes user access to the online platform. Up to three educators are granted access, and can subsequently manage student access with a 24-slot limit per toolbox.
    The online platform runs on a custom-made Learning Management System (LMS), which helps students get started with programming, electronics and building fully-functional, interactive projects under the guidance of educators. Currently available in English, but more languages will be added in the future.
    Educators are granted access prior to students, so they can prepare and adapt their lesson plans with more engaging and creative techniques. This allows them to integrate the latest technologies into their curriculum.


    The content and class dynamics are specially designed to enhance students’ problem-solving and teamwork skills in a collaborative environment.


    Student Content

    • Practical lesson 1: Get Inspired
    • Practical lesson 2: Exploring Electronics
    • Practical lesson 3: Let’s Start Programming
    • Practical lesson 4: Digital Inputs and Outputs
    • 3 Project building sessions: Guided projects based on the already learnt concepts
    • Practical lesson 5: Showing Messages on the PC
    • Practical lesson 6: Sending Data to the Board
    • Practical lesson 7: Analog Inputs
    • Practical lesson 8: Analog Outputs
    • 3 Project building sessions: Guided projects based on the already learned concepts.
    • 6 Experimental sessions: The students are able to experiment building their own projects. By the end of the course, students will have the option to create their own projects and share them with the Arduino Education community.

    Note that the CTC GO! program duration is flexible and based on the number of lessons the students take each week (two to three lessons per week are recommended).


    Educators Content


    Educators guide: Content dedicated to educators which goal is to orientate and help on how to go through the program based on the knowledge and experience collected from previous experiences.

    CTC GO! Premium Training and Support


    The Arduino Education team is dedicated to provide support in order to help educators solve potential challenges while teaching CTC content. We also advise educators on how to guide students through the development of new projects derived from the knowledge acquired in the previous programs.


    CTC GO! support includes:


    • Online welcome training webinar with an Arduino Education expert
    • Training video lessons  explaining concepts that the educators will use with the students
    • Knowledge video pills to expand the content of the lesson plans
    • Support email that will be answered from an education expert within the first business hour. An online video call can also be requested (The Arduino support team business schedule goes from 9:30 until 17:30 CET)




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